Philipp Wachsmuth

Dino Bros Deluxe


Join Dino-Bro on his epic adventure to defeat the bread king!

Originally a LD32 game, Dino Bros has been cleaned up and expanded on in all of it's glory!

This game was updated and cleaned up for the April 2015 OneGameAMonth challenge.

For more information on the LD32 release, please visit this page.

Dino Bros


Made for LD32

More info coming soon!

This game is entirely self explanatory.

You are a Dino Bro, and you eat sandwiches. What more would you really want?

v27 is the JAM release with game breaking bugfixes (and a few very minor cleanups), and is the currently linked release!

v23 was the original JAM release for the LD purists.

Big shout out to @thejotne for the fantastic art!

Latest Build: 
Love 0.9.2 Package v23 [JAM] — Downloaded 1806 times
Windows 32-bit v23 [JAM] — Downloaded 277 times
Windows 64-bit v23 [JAM] — Downloaded 313 times
Mac OS X v23 [JAM] — Downloaded 287 times
Love 0.9.2 Package v27 [JAM + BUGFIXES] — Downloaded 2366 times
Windows 32-bit v27 [JAM + BUGFIXES] — Downloaded 358 times
Windows 64-bit v27 [JAM + BUGFIXES] — Downloaded 362 times
Mac OS X v27 [JAM + BUGFIXES] — Downloaded 341 times
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