Dino Bros

Latest Build: 
Love 0.9.2 Package v23 [JAM] — Downloaded 865 times
Windows 32-bit v23 [JAM] — Downloaded 76 times
Windows 64-bit v23 [JAM] — Downloaded 84 times
Mac OS X v23 [JAM] — Downloaded 68 times
Love 0.9.2 Package v27 [JAM + BUGFIXES] — Downloaded 1231 times
Windows 32-bit v27 [JAM + BUGFIXES] — Downloaded 116 times
Windows 64-bit v27 [JAM + BUGFIXES] — Downloaded 136 times
Mac OS X v27 [JAM + BUGFIXES] — Downloaded 115 times

Made for LD32

More info coming soon!

This game is entirely self explanatory.

You are a Dino Bro, and you eat sandwiches. What more would you really want?

v27 is the JAM release with game breaking bugfixes (and a few very minor cleanups), and is the currently linked release!

v23 was the original JAM release for the LD purists.

Big shout out to @thejotne for the fantastic art!