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Stoopid TV


Hey, the TV isn't working. What's with that? I need to see the game. I gotta see my muh muh team win. What's with the bunny ears? You think you're funny? Tough guy? Fix this. You won't? I guess I will! Objective: Fix the television before the big game goes on. Grab those antenna, and let's go! This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2018 in 48 hours! Thanks for the fan!

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You play as BaconMan, a superhero who loves bacon as much as he loves saving the town from monsters. The trouble is, the monsters have found out where he lives! Now he must fight off an onslaught of monsters while trying to make bacon, which gives him his strength! Help BaconMan get his fill of bacon or die trying!


  • Left hand - WASD
  • Right hand - Arrow Keys
  • -/+ - scale game
  • space/return - continue


Use your hands to cook bacon and fight off monsters. Keep an eye on your Hunger and Health!

Compo Build: 
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 368 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 325 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 336 times
Linux 64-bit — Downloaded 321 times
Love 0.10.2 Package — Downloaded 1965 times



Click4 (pronounced click-ah) is a fantasy console based on nibbles.

Downloads, feature list and documentation can be found here:

Knic Knax


Do you have dreams of making art and selling it? This may just be the experience you're looking for.

Glue stuff together, sell it, get paid, buy new stuff and glue that together. The vicious cycle of becoming internet famous is upon you.

This game was made for the VR Austin Jam 2017!

Warning: Oh god I hope you have an HTC Vive!


Save Atlantis


Save Atlantis

Table Top Sim workshop version


This game was made for LD39. (Link) This is a physical card game!

Compo Build: 
Save Atlantis v1 (Sheets as PNG) — Downloaded 360 times
Save Atlantis v1 (Singles as PNG) — Downloaded 359 times

Red Planet IV


Play the web version here

Join Alita and Hugo and defeat the Martians in this retro gameboy styled shmup roguelike!


  • arrow keys .. move
  • z .. shoot
  • x .. cloak
  • enter during cutscenes .. skip cutscenes

Too hard? RESIST.

This game was made for #fc_jam and #awfuljams

Compo Build: 
Pico8 0.1.10c — Downloaded 464 times

Missile Command with Game Worlds Camp


This game was made for the Game Worlds Camp during the summer of 2017.

This game is meant to be presented as the final product for students to make. Students are expected to follow along with a series of 54 slides. You can find the slides here.

All students were able to get beyond the minimal viable product and had something that they could be proud of!

Art by Ashley Hooper.

Latest Build: 
RC2 — Downloaded 310 times
RC3 — Downloaded 306 times
RC4 — Downloaded 316 times



DePot.lua is a a fault tolerant gettext encoder/decoder for Lua made for Utility Jam.

Fugue Gevoelens



Some emotions: Ecstasy Admiration Terror Amazement Grief Loathing Rage Vigilance

Interact with an emotional platform that tries to say more about you than itself.

This is an artistic venture more so than a game. Expect no ending, expect no comfort, expect no explanation - Just enjoy the ride.

Compo Build: 
Love 0.10.2 Package — Downloaded 2227 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 355 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 388 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 350 times
Linux 64-bit — Downloaded 350 times

Stealth Elf


Anissa is an elf girl with a knack for thievery. Upon entering a mysterious castle to claim it's treasures, she finds tough Bison Knight guards galore! Armed with only a grappling hook, Anissa must sneak past the guards by hanging on the castle's many chandeliers to claim her reward.

Use your grappling powers and your pathetic jump to avoid the enemies, and steal the treasure at the end!

Compo Build: 
Pico-8 0.1.10c — Downloaded 2321 times


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