Red Planet IV

Compo Build: 
Pico8 0.1.10c — Downloaded 464 times

Play the web version here

Join Alita and Hugo and defeat the Martians in this retro gameboy styled shmup roguelike!


  • arrow keys .. move
  • z .. shoot
  • x .. cloak
  • enter during cutscenes .. skip cutscenes

Too hard? RESIST.

This game was made for #fc_jam and #awfuljams

Check out the full soundtrack here!

Big shout out to testers, in random order:

@artschu, Guy Blow, bartbes, Giggs, Makiki, Erasio, shell32, gamax92, gardrek, stavros, @sgtcrispy, @hughsm02, @dalej_dev, @shewhedd, Vivid <3

if you're not here and should be, tell me.

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