Ashley Schuster

RogueCraft Squadron: Call to Arms


RogueCraft Squadron is a fast paced real-time strategy space adventure with roguelike elements. Play as a squadron commander fighting against a hostile alien race; collecting resources, researching new ships, and building an armada as you fight to survive against overwhelming odds.

Hand of Death


A game made for Ludum Dare 44 (Theme: "Your life is currency").

Introduction Hand of Death is an adventure game about death trying to stock up on souls for an important appointment. He visits a castle to convince the residents to accept that their time has come too.



Play with your little quibble pet. Feed him before he gets mad, play with him when he gets sad or take him outside in the sun. If he falls, put a band-aid on him.

This game requires a mouse. Headphones recommended.


  • Design and Art: @bytedesigning
  • Voice Over: @artschu
  • Music: @JaxDrumm
  • Code: @josefnpat
Compo Build: 
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 308 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 343 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 324 times
Linux 64-bit — Downloaded 316 times



You play as BaconMan, a superhero who loves bacon as much as he loves saving the town from monsters. The trouble is, the monsters have found out where he lives! Now he must fight off an onslaught of monsters while trying to make bacon, which gives him his strength! Help BaconMan get his fill of bacon or die trying!


  • Left hand - WASD
  • Right hand - Arrow Keys
  • -/+ - scale game
  • space/return - continue


Use your hands to cook bacon and fight off monsters. Keep an eye on your Hunger and Health!

Compo Build: 
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 388 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 345 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 357 times
Linux 64-bit — Downloaded 340 times
Love 0.10.2 Package — Downloaded 2008 times

Save Atlantis


Save Atlantis

Table Top Sim workshop version


This game was made for LD39. (Link) This is a physical card game!

Compo Build: 
Save Atlantis v1 (Sheets as PNG) — Downloaded 381 times
Save Atlantis v1 (Singles as PNG) — Downloaded 380 times
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