RogueCraft Squadron (LoveJam)

Compo Build: 
Love 0.10.2 Package — Downloaded 2564 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 408 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 476 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 396 times


Build and conquer your way back home with your android companion!

Your spaceship overshot your destination while you were in stasis... by a hundred years. You find yourself on the other end of the galaxy with systems swarming with enemies. Play this roguelike real-time-strategy game and help the Adjutant and the Commander get back home!


This game was made for LÖVE Jam in 72 hours.

Entry and page!

  • Josef Patoprsty (@josefnpat) — Code, Art, Design, Voice Talent
  • Ashley Hooper (@bytedesigning) — Art
  • Mauricyo Furtado (@eternalnightpro) — Music
  • Laura Vk (Solsforest) — Art, Voice Talent
  • Arjan Vk (Vivid) — Code, SFX, Voice Talent


  • Use left-mouse click to select ships
  • Use left-mouse drag to select multiple units
  • Use left-ctrl + number to create a control group. Use number to select a control group.
  • Use arrow keys,left-mouse click on the minimap, or move the mouse to the edge of the screen to move the camera.
  • Use the icons in the upper right to use ship's actions.
  • Press escape or change focus to pause.
  • Use shift to add ships to your current selection.


  • Be careful what you spend your money on; there's no backup!
  • Crew will increase faster the larger your squadron is, but they still need to eat food!
  • Use [Habitat]s to make more food.
  • Find [Asteroid]s, mine them with [Mining Rigs], then refine the ore with [Refinery] to create more material.
  • Protect your civilian ships with [Battlestars]
  • Continue your journey at your pace by choosing when to click the continue button at the top when all enemies have been destroyed.
  • Every ship has a [Salvage] and a [Repair] action.
  • Pause refinery processing with the [Refine] action.
  • Kite enemies when low on [Battlestar]s.
  • Losing is fun! This is a perma-death RogueLike style game!