Outlaws of Cygnus

Compo Build: 
Windows 32-bit Unity 5.4.0b21 — Downloaded 385 times
Windows 64-bit Unity 5.4.0b21 — Downloaded 384 times
MacOS 32-bit Unity 5.4.0b21 — Downloaded 369 times
Linux 32-bit Unity 5.4.0b21 — Downloaded 348 times
Linux 64-bit Unity 5.4.0b21 — Downloaded 350 times

Outlaws are coming to destroy the remote spaaace station in Cygnus... see how long you can hold out in this 3D spaaace shooting defense game.


  • Roll - A/D or X-Axis Left Stick
  • Pitch - W/S or Y-Axis Left Stick
  • Yaw - Q/E or X-Axis Right Stick
  • Thrust - R or Left Trigger
  • Shoot - Spaaace or Right Trigger/Bumper

This game was made for Juegos Rancheros' Mystic Western Game Jam 2016. There was a mention of it on the Austin Chronicle.

Josef Patoprsty (@josefnpat) - Programming, Design & Coordination

Ashley Hooper (@bytedesigning) - Art & Design

Bennjamin Furtado - Music

Ran Schonewille - Sound Effects

Arjan Oudendijk (@Arjan_vk) - Programming & Unity3D Consultant

This game was made in about 48 hours in Unity3D.