Mini Pirates!

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Survive as a pirate captain for 30 days!

By pressing the corresponding number on your keyboard, decide the fate of your ship and crew! The objective is to hoard as much treasure as you can eat!


This game was made for LD26 and took about 4 hours to make. I am sad that I was not able to spend more time on this game, but am happy that I could participate regardless!


  • Watch your stats at the bottom!
  • You can see how each choice will affect your stats by the corresponding letter. (e.g. A = Anger, G = Grog, C = Crew and CB = Cannonballs.)
  • Your crew will mutiny if you have no treasure!
  • If you promise the crew grog, and you don't have any, you'll be in trouble!
  • If you anger your crew off too much, they'll mutiny!
  • Don't scare the crew too much, or they will abandon ship!
  • Make sure you have enough cannonballs when engage an enemy!
  • Get as much treasure as you can!