Flight 2942

A spin off of the NES 1942, but with spaceships. Also, it runs off a php server, and can support as many players as your server can.


This game was submitted for the BaconGameJam-01: http://bacongamejam.org/jams/bacongamejam-01/flight-2942/ (dead)

This game performs very poorly over the internet, but works well over LAN's and intranets. Packages will not be provided, as this is tricky to set up properly without any technical knowledge.

Artwork .. DrSulfurious


  • Just run the folder with the love engine.


  • Either configure the server.lua to connect.
  • Localhost Sample File:
    • server-localhost.lua
  • Cupm Defualt::
    • server-cupm.lua

Setting up a server:

  • Upload the server.php, server-config.php to the server.
  • Make a new MySQL database, and insert the structure.sql to it.
  • Configure the server-config.php to that MySQL database
  • Configure a server.lua and distribute it.

More Help

SEE THE /doc/ folder for more documentation on setting up a server, and playing the game.