Compo Build: 
Love 0.10.1 Package — Downloaded 2403 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 416 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 1039 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 348 times



Our hero is an unprofessional vampire hunter, and he hears of a shapeshifting vampire in a castle. The only way to prevent the vampire from forming as his friends is to go alone. Unfortunately our hero had fallen into a cloning machine a few weeks back and his clones refuse to leave him alone and follow him into the castle.

Luckily the vampire doesn't have a gun. Our hero(s) treads lightly…

About This Game:

This game was made for Ludum Dare 35 and Low Rez Jam 2016. Get online with you and your friends in this classic FPS raycasted shooter!

Gamedev & Voiceovers: @josefnpat (Missing Sentinel Software)

Music & SFX: @mistrsinestr (Eternal Night Productions)

Artwork: @ByteDesigning


WASD - Movement Mouse Left/Right - Turn camera Mouse Click - Shoot/Stab Tab - Score (Points / Kills / Deaths) Esc - Quit


  • Kill Dracula (+10 points)
  • Don’t kill other players (-1 point)
  • If you are Dracula, the game will say “DRACULA” in the lower right left. Also, kill players (+1 point)

Server Details

  • To connect to the public server, use the default IP (
  • To connect to localhost, move to the IP: section and press enter.
  • To connect to a private server, move to the IP: section, and type in your target IP.