Adrian and the Fridge

Compo Build: 
Love 0.9.0 Package — Downloaded 2643 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 455 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 444 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 445 times

Help Adrian avoid her depression by feeding her fridge.

Adrian finds herself in the most peculiar position running the most awkward errands. Isn't she supposed to be the one who is hungry? And why does the fridge talk? Does the fridge have a name? Does it even matter? Does anything really matter?

Navigate through five different levels and discover the depressing story of Adrian and the Fridge.


This game was made for the Bacon Game Jam 7 with the theme hungry!

The Team:


  • Arrow keys: move
  • Space: jump


  • There is something we call "fall-jumping" in this platformer: for a small amount of time after you walk off a ledge, you can still jump, allowing you to cover greater distances.