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Love 0.8.0 Package — Downloaded 2805 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 453 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 417 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 390 times

Crush your enemies!

XAPALUS is a multiplayer, RTS offensive tower defense game. Build your economy and crush your enemies!


This game was made for the Midsummer Jam Week for the theme Growth! Art done by Blarget2!


  • You must place the command center first.
  • You can only place buildings next to your other buildings.
  • Bunkers, Turrets and Factories can only be placed next to the Command Center or Roads.
  • Left Mouse Click to buy, Right Mouse Click to sell (50%)
  • Turrets will attack other buildings.
  • Factories will generate more income.
  • Bunkers are a great line of defense.
  • Use 1-5 to select buildings.
  • Move the mouse, arrow keys or wasd to navigate the map.
  • The server will restart if it crashes.