I recently had some issues with the 64-bit version of my Xbox...

I recently had some issues with the 64-bit version of my Xbox 360 controller wrapper library, dong (as in dongle, pictured above left.) I was handing out 32-bit dll’s to the 64-bit users, and that doesn’t work very well. I committed the 64-bit versions of the dll’s (Thanks Boolsheet!), and everything seems “hunky dory”.

I would like to take a moment to mention that Starfire Lords: Genesis supports two controller schemas, entirely cross platform;

  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Xbox controller (wireless via the dongle, and wired I believe)

For anyone with a registration code, build 303 has been updated with new .dll’s, and build 304 is available with the new dll’s as well.

On top of that, for ~12$ I bought the RetroLink NES Classic USB Controller (pictured above right) and as a pet project, I am thinking of making it a third supported controller schema. Why? Why not? Who doesn’t want to play a cool spaceship game with a big pile of nostalgia?

More to come, I’ll be here all week. Is this thing on?

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