Five layers of parallaxing folks. Feels good!

Five layers of parallaxing folks. Feels good!

It’s really nice when your ideas come to life on the screen.

It’s really nice when your ideas come to life on the screen.

Advanced parallaxing w/ spritebatch

Working on the wicked new advanced parallaxing spritebatch module (read: awesome).

Sorry I haven't posted much, pretty much the tracker logs look like this right now;

  • Working on art direction
  • Creating a music module and choosing music (makes for pretty bad screenshots)
  • Intro states

They have no idea.

The LÖVE IRC channel discovers I have no idea how to use windows.

As an aside, why did the xbox controller driver people decide it would be a great idea to combine the left trigger axis with the right?



Wes committed a new ship type for the AI Director module to use. I have not laughed so hard in a long time.

Character Sketches

Our artist, Rose Khan from has been working on character sketches for the races within our game.


My cat helps with the storyline and timeline for the game. Thanks!

Setting Up

The Game Design Document has been finished and I have translated it to our issue tracker! 151 issues to finish for the MVP!

Humble Beginnings

Some day I’m going to look back at this, and remember that this is where it all started. Welcome to the humble beginning of Missing Sentinel Software.


About Seppi

Howdy; my name's Seppi, and I'm an indie game developer. I am an active member of the LÖVE community. I've been making games for years now, and I'm always interested in helping prospective indie developers out.

One of the paradoxes I've learned over the years, especially as a software developer, is the more I know, the more I realize I don't know. I quote;

Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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