Samuel Eddy

TALOX: Talox Aliens Lie On Xenons


It is the future! The space-faring micro-organisms from the planet Talox are moving to attack the peaceful world of Xenons. How many will you have to defend against? No one knows! There could be MILLIONS OF THEM!!

Compo Build: 
Love 0.9.1 Package — Downloaded 826 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 120 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 115 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 117 times

Adrian and the Fridge


Help Adrian avoid her depression by feeding her fridge.

Compo Build: 
Love 0.9.0 Package — Downloaded 996 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 145 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 161 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 171 times

Defense of Your Craft


More info coming soon!



Crush your enemies!

XAPALUS is a multiplayer, RTS offensive tower defense game. Build your economy and crush your enemies!

Compo Build: 
Love 0.8.0 Package — Downloaded 1312 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 142 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 121 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 97 times



You Are the Villain

You're not a good guy. You've never been a good guy. Some would even call you a villain. But being a villain is pretty damn lonely and no one deserves to be alone right? Of course you can't just take any companion. She has to be of a bloodline to give status to your evil lineage. So, you decided that the local princess would make the best consort for you.

Latest Build: 
Love 0.8.0 Package — Downloaded 1419 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 122 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 92 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 87 times
Compo Build: 
Love 0.8.0 Package — Downloaded 1173 times
Windows 32-bit — Downloaded 113 times
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 124 times
Mac OS X — Downloaded 106 times
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