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You Are the Villain

You're not a good guy. You've never been a good guy. Some would even call you a villain. But being a villain is pretty damn lonely and no one deserves to be alone right? Of course you can't just take any companion. She has to be of a bloodline to give status to your evil lineage. So, you decided that the local princess would make the best consort for you.

Unfortunately, the King doesn't really like the idea of you as a son-in-law. So, he has sent an army of Knights and Wizards to break into your dungeons and take the Princess back!

Use your magical fireball and array of evil traps to keep the enemies at bay until you can open a magical portal and escape the heroes clutches!


This game was made for LD25 by a whole messload of people;

With a little help in the end by;


  • Use WASD or Arrow keys to move around the map
  • 1 to lay a trap to slow heroes
  • 2 to lay a spike trap to harm heroes
  • 3 or Left Shift to shoot fireballs
  • Space to pick up the princess


  • Lovely sprites made in GIMP
  • Traps and fireballs
  • Heroes and Wizards
  • Dynamic Map generation
  • Orthogonal Graphics straight from 1994
  • Original music made by the creators of the game