Hand of Death

A game made for Ludum Dare 44 (Theme: "Your life is currency").

Introduction Hand of Death is an adventure game about death trying to stock up on souls for an important appointment. He visits a castle to convince the residents to accept that their time has come too.

Controls WASD to move E to interact Mouse to navigate dialog Credits Jackson Drummond (Music & SFX) - @mdWade_Dev Ashley Hooper (3D & 2D Art) - @bytedesigning Bryan L. (3D Design & Code) Pablo Mayobre (Programming) - @Positive07_ Josef Patoprsty (Project Management) - @josefnpat Chris Ronin (Design & Story) - @ChrisRonin Joel Schumacher (Programming) - https://theshoemaker.de Ashley Schuster (Assets & Voiceovers) - @artschu