The Career of Peter

Latest Build: 
Pico8 0.1.6 — Downloaded 3322 times
Pico8 0.1.6 — Never downloaded
Windows 64-bit — Downloaded 530 times
MacOS 64-bit — Downloaded 444 times
Linux 64-bit — Downloaded 435 times
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thecareerofpeter-v17.p8 — Downloaded 2730 times

Play the web version here!

When Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles, the French and British invaded, stopping WW2 before it started. 60 million lives are saved. The Cold War never happens. Communist and Marxist ideals spread like wildfire.

This game takes place in 1989, where a simple man creates a simple AI to play the card game euchre with him.

This story takes inspiration from Being There, 1984, The Man In The High Castle and War Games.

The Career of Peter was made for the #pico2jam2 2016 in about 48 hours.

See the submission here:

  • Programming & Story: @josefnpat
  • Art: @bytedesigning
  • Music: Bennjamin Furtado

This game was said to have some of the best art in the jam by the pico chat podcast.