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Sis, Help Me!

Over the weekend, whilst doing a ton of other things, I managed to spend some time participating in the Bacon Game Jam 5!

I made the game, Sis, Help Me!

Check out and play my entry here!


Currently streaming some game dev for the bacon game jam 5! - josefnpat

Mini Pirates!

In the little amount of free time that I have, I make video games. Yes, I take breaks from making video games to make video games.

This game was made for LD26 and took about 4 hours to make. I am sad that I was not able to spend more time on this game, but am happy that I could participate regardless!

Download and Play for free here!

About Seppi

Howdy; my name's Seppi, and I'm an indie game developer. I am an active member of the LÖVE community. I've been making games for years now, and I'm always interested in helping prospective indie developers out.

One of the paradoxes I've learned over the years, especially as a software developer, is the more I know, the more I realize I don't know. I quote;

Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Questions, comments or insults? Feel free to leave in the comments section, or contact me; you can hit me up on twitter @josefnpat

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